Insurance Policies
Assitrans Insurance Brokerage Srl was founded in Milan in 1979 by an intuition of Giuseppe Massione, the founder, known for at least two generations of transporters, and develops as an Italian broker, branch of A. Atermann Assekuranz.
The latter, in turn, is a company rich in tradition and experience, founded in 1825 and specialized in the intermediation of transport risks. Having become an independent company since the late 1980s, it maintains its international skill by starting several collaborations with Italian, German and Spanish companies.
Among the first companies in Italy to develop the independent insurance intermediation sector in a serious and professional way, Assitrans srl is still today a reference for customers and the market.
From carrier contractor, forwarder carrier to industrial contractor. The experience of our management follows you in choosing the best partner on the market for your needs.
Main areas:
  • Industrial turnover (industrial and commercial contracting)
  • Carrier liability (carrier contracting and carrier forwarding agent)
  • On behalf of turnover or to applications (online certificates for carrier contract and carrier forwarder)
  • Certificates for spot trips
  • Financial capacity policies for transporters
Private and Companies. Everything revolves around the aircraft: from its design to production, from its use to logistics and maintenance.
Also the human factor, the pilot and his passengers, the manager and the technicians. ′Bodies′ policies that give cover for the accidents of navigation, the theft, the sudden or accidental ingestion of an object in the aircraft, intentional violations, serious fault of the pilot, with cover at absolute first risk. Compulsory aviation liability insurance ex reg. EU 785/2004and its updates.
In addition, civil liability for the production, maintenance and handling of the aircraft, management of the helium or airfield, fatalities, permanent invalidity, temporary incapacity, reimbursement of medical expenses and permanent incapacity for air navigation.
From the small private glider to the big airport. Our interlocutors, big or small, will discover in Assitrans solutions really tailored to their needs. Professionalism and ductility, understanding of needs and search for solutions.

  • Damage to aircraft (damage, RC and seat accidents), single or fleet.
  • Infortuni del personale aeronavigante (piloti e tecnici)
  • Accidents involving aircrew (pilots and technicians)
  • Personal assistance
  • Insurance cover for companies
  • Products Liability
  • Posthumous and maintainer insurance
  • Eli and airfield surface up to the airport insurance
  • Airport operators insurance
  • Dedicated property policies
We work with the main companies of the Italian market. We will be able to help you to orient your choices according to your spending wishes, to the guarantees proposed, because if it is true that the price counts, the guarantees that will be given also count.
Ours is an accurate service, tailored like a dress, which we are sure will help you to drive with serenity. The offices and our network of collaborators are at your disposal for further information:
  • Car insurance
  • Fire and theft
  • Kasko or kasko collision
  • Crystals and special events
  • Third-party appeal
  • Driver’s injuries
′For the satisfaction of economic needs at the arrival of an event pertaining to human life′. This is in short the definition of the sector. Insurance case death and case life, or mixed.
Among those dead cases, stand out the TDC (Temporary Death Case), among those life cases, however, there are: immediate annuity policies (single premium), deferred annuity/ capital. We should not forget the ′Linked′ products, more strictly financial. We offer solid and prestigious insurers with whom we have had fruitful relationships for years, and products tailored to your needs.
The offices and our network of employees are at your disposal to evaluate your needs and identify the best insurance proposals.
Economic and also insurance microcosm. You can ask us everything you need for these companies: professional liability, company liability, occupational injuries from film and television activities and more.
We carry out accurate analysis and propose insurance solutions with our partners. Our offices are at your disposal for further information or for meetings.
Targeted and customizable covers for the protection of private, commercial and industrial properties. From house fire to medium and large industry, from private theft to theft in a warehouse of a department store, all-inclusive or excluding specific atmospheric or environmental events. Direct and indirect damage to industrial production and service interruptions. Assitrans is able to provide a tailor-made product for specific and particular realities or already consolidated policies for purchasing groups or conventions.
Main areas:
  • Fire coverage direct and indirect damages.
  • Fire appointed risks or all risks theft
Insurance proposals for companies and individuals, for the protection of Civil Liability for damages to third parties.
Products, professional risks, assets, and much more. For our customers we are looking for the best solution, even for covers that are not standardized, for the protection of risk in this area whose evolution is always constant and significant.
Constant technical and professional updating in all areas, but greater in areas where developments are more frequent.
Main areas:
  • Third-party liability insurance - Employers civil liability
  • Civil Liability Products
  • RC Pollution
  • Capital Liability
  • RC Professional
Both for people and for companies we are looking for the best insurance offers dedicated to the protection of pathological and accidental events to the person. All for health plans, accidents at work.
Main areas:
  • Occupational and non-occupational accidents
  • Diseases
Solutions for the construction, plant engineering and IT sectors. Risks of the manufacturer, from the house, to the bridge, to the building, installation of the plant, real estate leasing for different types of buildings, instrumental leasing (machinery), machine failures (no fire) and electronic tools and software.
A highly specialized sector where Assitrans wants to put its service values into practice in the most effective way with prepared insurance partners and quick responses.
Main areas:
  • CAR
  • Electronics
  • EAR
  • Leasing
  • Machine failures
Risks developed in the Anglo-Saxon insurance world, linked to the world of financial losses. The aim is to cover the risks associated with the cancellation of events, or with more complex planning related to meteorological factors. We provide our experience in risk analysis and in the search for the best insurance solutions. The theme linked to promotional campaigns, tour operators and more. Ask us what we can do and we will do it.

Products related to personal care. In a redundant market of offers and solutions, with a partner of the highest level, we were able to concretely make available the essential. Not words or insurance cover forgotten in a drawer, but covers related to the real needs of life in the moment of need.
Our offices and employees are at your disposal to make an appointment.
It offers tax advantages, increases productivity, is suitable for companies of any sector and size, and contains labor costs. These are the benefits that the corporate insurance welfare is able to offer.
Through our insurance partners we are able to design customized solutions.
These are the benefits that the corporate insurance welfare is able to offer. Through our insurance partners we are able to design customized solutions.
For us at Assitrans the family is really important. Not only the heritage, the house, the car and so on, but especially the people. For this reason, our employees work with seriousness and attention; just like in life, we help you, in our insurance microcosm, to find your protection needs, helping you to select the priorities:
  • Home
  • Injuries
  • Life
  • Policies to protect health loss
  • Legal Protection
  • Assistance
Organization Chart
Angelo Golzi
President, AD and Responsible for brokering activities.

Anna Pastore Silvestri
AD and Responsible for brokering activities.

Ugo Edoardo Lazzari
Board of Directors and Administration.

Cristina Bignami
Assumption of Branches and Administration

Miranda Nullo
Retail intake (cars, etc.) and claims
The function of the insurance broker is to help the customer, be it an individual or a family rather than a company, to apply with a method of conscious choices defined according to the needs and the spending capacity. In this sense, the Assitrans team feels committed every day with its staff structure.
Always anchored to values such as FAIRNESS, DILIGENCE, and TRANSPARENCY, Assitrans expresses, with the passion for this work of all employees and members, its maximum attention to changing insurance conditions and is addressed to its customers with the utmost PROFESSIONALISM.
Recently, the new members have started a review and improvement of the organizational processes, in order to further improve the service offered to customers. Assitrans srl collaborates with about 30 companies, developing over the years experience and expertise in the different sectors of this diverse world of insurance. Companies and private individuals can rely on us to find a service that has as its main purpose the ′care′ of the customer’s needs and the search for insurance solutions that are in step with the changing times.
With over 30 years of experience, it remains a reference point for those looking for a solid and reliable partner in the insurance broker. Careful advice and honesty in relationships.
About us
We are first of all ′workers′ of the insurance world who have carried out and carry out this activity, some more than less, from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 40 years. We have spent the different seasons of ′insurance companies′ and ′intermediation′ in different roles and with different skills: who in brokerage companies who in Company Directions.
We share an ′unaltered′ passion for this sector and we try to carry out our business always to the best, with the utmost professionalism - assisted by experience - with diligence, transparency and fairness. Our vocation is to help the customer in choosing the best product and to assist him in the moment of need, maintaining a constant relationship, including updating him on the technical and legislative innovations that may affect his insurance coverage and his business. In the era of the World Wide Web (www) we are convinced that the human relationship, that is, one-to-one counselling, should not be abandoned.
We believe that the ′fiduciary′ relationship must be embodied by a face, and our ′face′ is the daily presence in assisting our customers
News and updates
I declare that I have read the Terms and Conditions.
The activity of insurance brokerage is regulated by the Private Insurance Code.
The Code establishes the requirements that an intermediary company must adopt in terms of transparency, competence, professionalism and integrity. From each of these principles derive concrete behaviors, which for our company are a path not to be left. We are very careful and respectful of the rules. In the interest of customers, the Insurance Code has introduced rules of a financial nature.
We collect premiums on a dedicated account that is unusable for operations other than the payment of premiums. It is the heritage of companies and customers who rely on us and serves to differentiate the management from the collection of prizes. The customer pays on the dedicated account, from the dedicated account the prizes are transferred to the company. To do this you need the authorization of the company. Authorization that we have. The insurance broker is a professional figure who represents the customer in the negotiation in the conclusion and management of the insurance contract.

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